Holistic Healing:
Body, Mind And Soul

I help women discover their spiritual gifts and roles during this time so they can step into their New Earth Leadership role of tomorrow. Helping women take back their power and step into their sovereignty.

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Conquer The Empire On The Outside By Learning To Balance The Empire Within

My name is Jen and I am known as the Empire Heyoka, ℓємυяιαη ρяιєѕтєѕѕ σƒ тнє ηєω єαятн. I am here to help others holistically heal: body, mind, and soul. I am bringing in ancient teachings from Lemuria to share with others to achieve oneness within themselves and together as a whole. My mission is to help other Visionary Starseeds, Trail Blazers, Leaders, Changemakers, & New Earth Builders step into their leadership roles to co-create the New Earth.


My community provides a comfortable place and offers you a plethora of services that promote active lifestyles through coaching, mentoring, alchemy, healthy living, and natural healing. This is a place to ask questions freely, share experiences and learn from others. Let us help you find your highest potential, rediscover who you truly are, and support you as you step into your role.

Achieving Oneness Within Yourself and Together As A Whole

In ancient times, a Mentor would step forward to nurture, support, and ignite the initiate's innate curiosity to explore ancient wisdom, healing wisdom, and cultural knowledge. Rather than dictate the experience, they would hold a beautiful space and help guide the unraveling of self to step into their roles. You were never meant to go through this process and journey alone. Suppose you are a Conscious SOULpreneur, Visionary Starseed, TrailBlazer, Leader, Changemaker, &/or New Earth Builder who is ready to take the lead and hears the call to step into a BIGGER Role, having a greater impact on your family, life, and community. In that case, you are in the right place.


Here in the 'Garden of Enlightenments Academy for the Gifted', we're creating that world and a NEW EARTH filled with Community, Safety, and Collaboration. Our community is about helping others heal: body, mind, and soul, to achieve oneness within themselves and together as a whole. We came here to create a New Earth, and we're here to help you step into who you came here to be. Are you ready?

Here’s what a few other people had to say:

"Jennifer is a powerful healer that guided me to uncover an emotion, hopelessness, that belonged to two of my ancestors. Her intuition is strong as she picked up on a failed marriage where the woman felt hopeless; this is an accurate depiction of my (now passed) grandmother. In the session, she clearly shared a tool I could fall back on when the emotion reared its head again in my day. Since the reiki session, I repeated Hoʻoponopono many times to work through the remnants of the emotion. Our work left me light and buzzy with happiness. I highly recommend working with Jen if you are in need of support and want to feel 'unstuck.'"

- Olivia

"Jennifer is Amazing to work with. She’s points out truths we seek to hide and in willingness to work with ourselves we nd out why we strive to avoid truths about ourselves and why we get stuck. I’m very grateful for Jen and the space she creates.”

- April

“Jen is a kindred spirit that showed me an ancestral emotion that kept ruling my decisions and days. She helped me release something I wasn’t aware of and had me recognize my soul chose to rework this in my lifetime. The work we did was powerful. Thank you Jen, those who choose to work with you are blessed.”

- Rob

“Jen is such a light to this world and I am so excited to take this course through her! Meditation has played a major role in my healing & I can't wait to dive in!”

- Lynn

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